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French Bulldog

Just like in a fairytale, a princess came into my life. I was breeding my wonderful golden retrievers at the time. I must state that the beginning of my history as a man and breeder is included in Labrador websites (, they were my first breed. I will tell you here how I started breeding French bulldogs. In the end, a princess called Nina came into my life. She was a woman who gained our trust with her patience, her kindness and calm demeanor. It is widely known the retrievers are very cute, but they can also be impulsive little ‘destroyers’ in a way that every dog is a reflection of its owner. A gentle breed found its place in our large family (our breeding kennel). It was a lovely brindle French bulldog puppy named Donna, my first gift to Nina.

‘Donna would like a friend of her own size to play with’ – imagine a look on a woman’s face when she wants to get something from her man; it was a done deal, so Barton came into our family. I admit the idea of them mating was a little intimidating at first; I did not know any of the breed characteristics, nor did I know the type of care that the breed required. However, love has no boundaries, so seven beautiful puppies were born: white, black, brown and brindle.

Diva and Doris stayed with us, while their male siblings were given to caring families as the most precious gifts.

In time I learnt a lot about them and I adapted the place to meet their needs: due to their flat nose, they need cool temperatures in the summer. It is better to avoid the stairs, especially downwards, their diet should suit their low body weight (8-14kg) and their hair, short and thick points to its quality (the choice of dog food is the foundation for every breed). French bulldogs are sociable and lively dogs, they like to play, especially with children. Like I always say, a versatile breed-easily adaptable to every type of owner, as long as they do not lack in food and cuddles.

It is of great importance to choose an excellent line in order to decrease percentage possibility of unpleasant genetic pathology, such as hereditary eye diseases and luxating patella. For that purpose, several years after Diva was born I bought Casper, son of Jefferson Janoel (great Italian champion), who still lives with us, plays in our yard and keeps producing excellent puppies.

If you are a lover of this breed, fell free to contact us.


In order to dedicate my time fully to raising the puppies, I included my family friend, Mary.

Mary loves puppies as much as I do and she will make sure to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the purchase of one of our French bulldog puppies.

We care deeply about our puppies and it is very important to us that their future families will love them unconditionally. The puppy is more precious than a diamond, the puppy is yours forever.

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